Photo Restoration

What repairs do I actually do to the original photo?
Well, first, I’m not a conservator. I do no work on your actual photo so when I return the original to you after scanning, it will be the same as when you gave it to me.

First, I scan the image which takes one 10-15 second exposure to LED lights. Once I have the digital copy of the photo, I do all retouching, replacement of torn corners, or other corrections on that copy.

Some originals may just be too fragile for me to take possession of or cannot be removed from the frame or scanned, so we might work with a different method.

If you’d like an opinion or estimate on repairing a photograph, please contact me. If you have scanning capability or even a good digital camera, you can e-mail a low resolution image and a brief description of what repairs you’d like performed. I will make an assessment of the task, and give a much more accurate estimate.

What kinds of damage can be repaired?  I have some examples below in PDF format. You’ll need the appropriate viewer or plug-ins.

Colorization: Opinions on colorizing or tinting old photographs are mixed, however, artists were hand tinting photographs long before digital photography existed.   View PDF

Duplication: Sometimes it’s as simple as making a copy.   View PDF

Terribly faded: Photo’s will fade over time or even take on a very unnatural color. There is still hope for them.   View PDF

Extreme Enlargement: Increasing any images scale more than double can come with it’s own set of problems.   View PDF

New from Old: Extracting just a portion of an image.   View PDF

Reconstruction: Sometimes damage has been done, either to the photograph or the actual subject.    View PDF

Scale: Enlarging and reducing does have it’s ups and downs.   View PDF

Stains: With time comes the chance to stain the photo, maybe many times. Sometimes it’s very fixable.   View PDF

Water and Mildew: these two, while stains, can begin to eat at the paper itself.   View PDF

If you have a problem other than these in your photo it  can most probably be corrected.

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