Work Methods

My Number One Rule:
“You can have it Good, Fast, or Cheap, but it’s hard to get all three.”

“Good” is always the one part of the formula I won’t budge on, so you can either have it Good and Faster, or Good and Cheaper. If you want it “cheaper”– it may take longer, if you want it “faster”, then the price will be higher. The faster you want it, the more the price may increase.

My second rule is:
I am me, I don’t like to emulate other artists.

Ideally, you’re considering using my art because you like my work. If so, then why ask me to be someone else? Feel free to show me examples of styles you like, but know that I may not base any of my work on it. If you say you want the whimsy of Dr. Seusse I will do whimsy, but in my own way. If there is an artists style that you just cannot do without, that artist is likely the one you should be negotiating with.
Beyond the first two rules, I’m flexible.
Anything else is open to negotiation & my prices are flexible.

A Few Notes: I’ll always ask for advance payment and a kill fee. I rarely price illustration work strictly on an hourly basis, work “On Spec”, or sell originals, roughs, production drawings or complete ownership or the rights to any of those items.

Non-Disclosure Agreements: If you feel a need to protect your idea but still need to give me details about what you’ll need illustrated, you can request a Non-Disclosure agreement by sending an email to

Time Frame
I’d prefer to have at least 5-7 working days for each full page color illustration. Four days is pushing the envelope, but do-able if you don’t mind a rush charge. Two days is the absolute bare minimum, and the drawing is going to border on a simpler level of detail, and will have a rush charge.

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