Price and Estimates

Estimates: I’ll be happy to give an estimate if you can send some basic information about your project. Pricing  guidelines are listed below, but you can fill out the estimate form if you’d like to get a little more info. You can also email me and we can go from there.

There is no magic formula, but an average price guide follows, based on an 8″x10″ page. Price is listed for each size based on  Full color, line drawing  with 2 spot colors, and then line or tone drawing. Even theses prices are a ballpark price, depending on levels of detail and subject matter.

Cover        $550    $400    $300
Full pg.     $400    $300    $200
Half pg.    $250    $175    $100
Spot          $80        $65      $50


Payment methods: I accept cash, check, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and I will consider barter. (I hate mowing the lawn… I’m just sayin’)

Normal payment schedule: On large jobs, such as a book or a series of drawings. 1/3 of price for deposit, 1/3 at approval of roughs, and the balance on delivery of finished art.
“Rush” jobs payment schedule: 1/2 of price at agreement to proceed,  and the balance on delivery of finished art. (Books are still based on the 1/3’s schedule even if there is a rush charge, due to the number of drawings.)


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