Comic Books

My experience in the comic book industry is primarily in the black & white martial arts genre, with some post-apocalyptic science fiction mixed in.

In those early days, I worked on three story lines:

“Ninja Funnies” by Dale Berry and Ken Sperry.
Initially, it was self-published by Dale and Ken. Later it was picked-up for 5-6 additional issues by Eternity Comics. I drew and inked backgrounds and tech in 4 of the issues and one cover if I remember correctly.

After that I began working on a few story lines with CFW Enterprises in Burbank, CA. At the time they were doing a good share of the black and white martial arts comics in the market.

“Anjin” CFW Enterprises
I penciled, wrote, inked, and lettered Anjin. It was only one story/episode and it really had nowhere to go, but I did go on to produce another story.

“Flint” CFW Enterprises
I penciled, wrote, inked about a half a dozen installments which appeared  in CFW’s “Tales of the Ninja Warriors.” I did manage to find a cover online, but no interior pages. I do still keep in touch with my old editor (still a phenomenal artist) who is now flying under the flag of Studio G, and he claims to have some of my old pages which survived his massive studio fire a few years back. Perhaps someday I’ll take possession of them again.


Could you still find any of my stories on
the shelves of a comic book store today?
Hmm… doubtful, but maybe.

It would be a long shot and honestly, as I look back on them in my memory I don’t know that it was my some of my best work, (most artists would look back on their earlier work and say that they could have done better) but hey… I was young and learning.

Actually I was going through a few old boxes a short time back and did find a few copies of some of the stories, I  may try and post some of them if I can get some permissions from others involved.

After those…
I moved on to do work for a few  independent authors. I was also selected as one many artists to be featured in a set of “Up and Coming Artists” trading cards. I’m not sure that project got off the ground, but I know other artists who were involved and the general consensus is that it went into production.

“The Marauder” Independent. Created and written by Thadeus Rosen.
I penciled, inked, lettered, and colored this book.

This was put on a shelf for many years, I’m always
fighting the thought of finishing it up.

A few character concepts
These two characters are owned by Daerick Gross of Studio G and other than covers, they always appeared in black and white only. One day I was asked to take a shot at defining some colors.

“The Log of the Jancie Gay” by David Nichols

This one actually had a story line that kind of made me think a little as a reader.

The author had a story which he wanted to pitch to the movie industry and so opted to present a sample in graphic novel format. I penciled, inked, lettered, and colored the 10-12 pages, which was hard to do an entire movie plot in so few pages. I’ll find a few samples to post here. A few panels from the story follow.














“The Hybrid” by John Robertson

Yes… The Hybrid. But No, not that Hybrid.

I know that there is a major character which most likely came to mind, this book however had nothing to do with that franchise. The author in this case needed to rethink his title and he may have in the end, but I don’t think so.  I did penciling on this first issue, and I know that he was at the inking stage, but don’t know how far he went with it.

I’ll have a few penciled pages here soon.