About Me

Currently, I live in Texas and I’ve called Austin home for the past 30 years. I’m married to a wonderful woman who I also have the privilege of working with. We’ve filled our home with as many little dogs as we could possibly squeeze in, mostly Italian Greyhounds with one exceptional mixed breed, and almost all have been rescues.

While growing up I lived in most of the San Joaquin Valley of California… from top to bottom, but I’d have to say that my hometown was Bakersfield and Arvin.

I began to draw at age 5-6, seriously at about age 9-10. By the time I was 14, I was a committed artist. From the moment I understood that I would have to choose an occupation I knew without doubt that I would become an artist. I had no idea what that would actually involve, but it was never debatable.

Throughout elementary and high school I won local awards for artistic ability and for achievement. Most of the awards were of little importance in the art world, but in my world they were enough to keep me pointed in my desired direction.

I’ve worked many years as a production artist, and graphic designer doing a lot of work in print shops, gaining production experience and had the chance to do a moderate amount of illustration along the way. Still, while doing all of those years of “grunt work” the idea of books was always somewhere in the back of my mind.


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