My name is David Shackelford and I’m  a professional illustrator.

Let’s get right to it. You’re busy, I’m busy… these are busy times, so I won’t take up a lot of your time with details, only art.

Have a look at my work and then we can get into the details.
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Now… if you’ve seen my work and want to know more, we can continue.

I create book illustrations; worksheets and materials for education web sites; art and design for individuals, authors, small associations and businesses. I work in traditional print media as well as digital. I have a range of styles, and a wide array of design and illustration projects.


I take great pride in exceeding client’s expectations. If you have a project you need illustrated I’d be very happy to discuss it. You’ll find that I’m exceptionally easy to work with, seldom will I say “NO, that just can’t be done.”

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David1I also play the Great Highland Bagpipes
for weddings and other events.

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